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A note-taking app that puts user's data first. Never lose your notes anymore.

  • → Only users have access to their data, thanks to Blockstack auth.
  • → Users choose and control where their data is stored.
  • → Data is stored as simple markdown which is easy to use independently.

Control where your data is stored

Store your notes in the default gaia hub or use your own. You are always in control of where your data is stored.


Control how your data is stored

The data is stored in the plain markdown format you love and use. Tired of using the app? Just export the data and your notes will be delivered to you in a nicely formatted zip file.

Access your notes everywhere

We have a web app that you can use on any desktop and mobile device. Apps will be available in Play Store and App Store soon.


Never lose your notes anymore

Since the notes are stored in simple markdown and since they are stored with you, don't worry about losing your notes ever again. No company shutdown or VC decision can change that.

And did we mention it's free?


How is this free?

Since Compose uses Blockstack's infrastructure for storing data, we don't suffer any recurring cost in maintaining Compose. Also, we are a part of the Blockstack's App Mining program which we hope can support us for the work we do for free.

What is Blockstack?

Blockstack is like a framework that allows people to create and access decentralized apps on top of it. It enables that by letting users created a decentralized ID that is stored on the blockchain (bitcoin) and giving users access to the apps based on that ID (like authentication).

What is Gaia?

Gaia is a storage system built by the Blockstack team. It is different from IPFS and others in the sense that it allows the user to choose where they store their data. This storage location is called Gaia hub. This approach gives users absolute control over their data which is unlike other distributed storage systems.

I am sceptic, How can I access my notes if Compose goes down?

Your notes are stored in the storage space you control so even if Compose goes down, you can still access them from your storage space. The notes will be encrypted and you can use the open source tools provided by Blockstack to decrypt them.

Where is Compose's source code?

The source code will be released on GitHub in a few days. You can follow @composenotes on Twitter to stay updated.